Today we refuse to regard astrology as a science because it sees the spirit in things, not just the form. Yet if the universe has a dimension of consciousness, as many physicists have come to agree – then science must recognise the spirit. Astrology must be acknowledged as one of the the legitimate sciences of consciousness, for “without consciousness, how can we really speak of science or truth anyway?”  – David Frawley 

In ancient times, Pythagoras was regarded as a supreme master and had the ability to recall his previous lives. Pythagoras describes reincarnation as the transmigration of the soul (The science of Planetary signature in Medicine) 

While Astronomy is the language of the cosmos, astrology is the language of the individual’s unique connection to it. Hippocrates said that “A physician without a knowledge of the cosmos should not call himself a physician.”

My  astrology studies.

As far as I know,  I started many lifetimes ago as an astrologer in Native American Indian times and,  suggested by my teacher, well before this in my star home. In this current life I was obsessed with astrology as a child but thought the “astrology” that I was reading about when I was young was a bit flawed and/ or just missing vital parts. In 2012 I connected with my current teacher in Thailand, who over the past 8 years has been my mentor in Yoga, Reiki and Evolutionary Astrology. To explain evolutionary astrology in brief few sentences:  Using the Western Astrology framework but with Eastern and yogic philosophy. In Evolutionary Astrology we are not just looking at one life but rather a story of many lives, a journey of the soul into the present life, and where the soul is longing to still evolve towards in this current life. As in yogic terms: the soul always knows where it is going, but the trick is to calm the mind enough so that the soul is the driver and the mind a healthy co-pilot.

In my opinion, everybody should know themselves very well. Astrology readings provide an understanding of the blueprint of the psyche. The soul of the individual makes a soul contract to come into this lifetime at the exact time of birth. This creates a blueprint of the souls’ connection to the cosmic universe. Creating a sacred mandala of the map of the each individual’s connection to the map of the heavens. 

I use Evolutionary Astrology, Reiki and Pranic healing to empower you. Together we can gently heal trauma, restore energy, and gain insight as to your life purpose.

Find out more about yourself using these ancient techniques, and keep progressing on the path of self discovery.