About Shae

About me:

I thought I would tell just a part of my story:
I am the eldest of three kids. Myself and two younger brothers. Both of who are also very much into esoteric wisdom:

I am not going to do a whole life story here. Just certain events.

First sign of becoming an Astrologer again in this lifetime:
In December, 1989 an earth quake hit Newcastle. I was with my mum shopping at Charlestown square. She was next door in a shoe shop and I was in the book shop looking up astrology books (as I always was), wanting to know about myself and my place in the universe. The whole shopping centre shook and people started screaming and the biggest astrology atlas that was in the shop fell on my head. The lights went out and mum couldn’t find me.

I didn’t get the mark I needed to do to get into university in year 12. All I was going for was to get into a Bachelor of arts degree as then I could branch off to whatever I decided I wanted to do. When I got my UAC I was 1 mark short of getting into a Bachelor of Arts degree. I started crying. Dad looked at me in a non reactive way and said to me “Are you actually surprised u didn’t get in when all you did was surf and barely studied” I said “Oh yeh” and stopped crying.
I had a year off after high school and taught gymnastics in schools.
Then I decided I wanted to be a primary school teacher. I enrolled in Newstart which was Open foundation for non mature aged students.

Becoming a Primary School Teacher in 2004:
I become a primary school teacher and taught in various settings from 2004 until 2012. I never got a permanent position ( because as I would later learn) I never really wanted one or choose one. I was however employed as a permanent educator at Life Education (Healthy Harold),  and at ‘Essential Moves’ as a teacher.  However a  normal classroom teaching role somehow didn’t appeal to me back then.

My own Family;

I have three beautiful boys. Me and the father of my boys were together for almost 20 years, since we were 16. We separated in 2016.


The Beginning of Yogic Studies:

We had our first child in January, 2009 and our second child in November, 2010. In 2011 when I was a mother of two young (and  very full on boys),  I downloaded my first yoga journal online. It was called : The Science of Yoga: A Home Study Course in Classical Ashtanga Yoga by Yogacharya. I couldn’t get enough of it. I went to Office Works and printed out the whole thing which was huge. I forwarded it to my youngest brother (Joe), and he also printed out a copy.

I went onto do my yoga teacher training at Purna Yoga in Byron Bay in June, 2012. I loved this very much and was hooked but I was still searching for something much more in alignment with the esoteric wisdom of Yoga.

At the same time my Sister in Law and My Middle brother Josh, heard about a yoga teacher in Nong Khai from his friends Steve and Jess. At this stage I had already completed my level 1, 200hr teacher training with Purna yoga in Byron Bay

Nong Khai, Thailand:

.When Josh and and his girlfriend at the time (now wife) Holliea came back from Nong Khai they changed dramatically in their lifestyle. This experience changed them more then anything I could imagine. I was so eager to go and meet their yoga teachers in Nong Khai.
Beatrix Schilcher and her husband Pancho run Pantrix Alternative Centre in Nong Khai. They teach various forms of yoga asana, pranayama, meditations, and much more. She is an amazing Astrologer. In my eyes and experience she is the best astrologer ever. She is also an amazing reiki healer. She practices evolutionary astrology and this is what she goes on to teach me. Pancho is an ultimate philosopher and great role model for any guy in the world. He seems to know something about every single topic in the universe. Together they make this alternate centre in Nong Khai, Thailand.
Anyway just before I fell pregnant with my third son, I ordered an astrology reading for myself and two born sons. They were absolutely mind blowing and soo helpful, and to this day I cannot even express how helpful they have been for me. After the readings I was soo eager to visit her. When my third son was born my husband (at the time) and myself, went to visit them. We took our third son who was only 4 months old at then.
We did the week intensive course together. We both seemed to get different things out of the experience in Nong Khai. Chad loved Pancho’s knowledge of nutrition and movement and whereas he said he loved it he also said he probably wouldn’t go back. He however knew when he looked at me that I would come back forever. He actually said to me “ Your coming back every year forever arn’t you?” I put my head down and nodded. It was weird. I knew he was asking because he was worried about where this was going so I didn’t have the guts at that stage to have my head up and proudly declare that I was absolutely going to go back every year, but deep down I knew I somehow would be going back a lot.

In 2016, I separated from my husband and partner of nearly 20 years. Although it was my doing, we both went on to have some big learning events and difficult times after this period. Lots of karmic things were being healed on a large scale in our ancestry lines in both of our families. It hasn’t been an easy journey over the last few years but, I know that the journey was necessary from our whole karmic picture in all angles.