Evolutionary Astrology and the big picture

I have just got home from my 6th trip to learn from amazing teachers (Beatrix and Pancho), in Nong Khai, Thailand.
Over the past 5 years I have done various courses with them including the 7 day yoga intensive (note: I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to know about the real depths of yoga philosophy and practice). Pancho puts in soo much effort into this course for a ridiculously cheap price for what it is. He really puts his heart and soul into this and you explore everything on the yoga path extensively.It is even a perfect course for psychologists and social workers. Or actually really absolutely anyone it just makes you a all around more open minded person. The asana practice itself is not physically challenging either and so its suitable for most ages and abilities). Ive also over the years done Reiki 1,2 and 3A. loads of Astrology. The feminine aspects of the moon phases theory and practice. A month intensive and pranic healing. On this trip I re-did the 7 day intensive again after 5 years and this time after teaching yoga myself now for nearly 6 years I could really really appreciate how much Pancho puts into teaching this course.

Anyway here is a breakdown of why Astrology is so essential to understand on the yoga path. Also Why Reiki really really compliments a yogic lifestyle.

As we know: Or some people may not know yet. Everything in the manifest reality INCLUDING ourselves, is just vibratory energy. WE ARE JUST ENERGY, vibrating at different frequencies.
We have three bodies.
1 Our physical body (Our physical body is made up of the slowest, biggest and shortest frequency waves). Slow enough that they are within our perceivable sensory reality. Therefore we can see, touch, smell, hear and I guess taste ourselves.
2. Our spiritual body or Auric field.(Therefore, outside of our perceivable sensory field, these frequency waves are medium frequency in size, length and width). (We cannot see our Auric field but of course people who are open and sensitive to energy can. These are also our clairvoyants, Clairaudients, psychics and mystics).
3 Our mental body (These frequencies are extremely fast and long) These span from us right out into the galaxy. We are all connected up there. Thoughts are extremely powerful and this is why you can change your reality by changing your mindset. (I Don’t know anyone personally who can see this energy except brilliant open minded scientists like Einstein, Bruce Lipton and Pancho). And all our ancient Yogis knew they existed.

Within these three bodies are also subgroups. Any way I’m trying to keep it more simple. So anyhow the root of all of our problems is vibratory dissonance. So as humans from our limited perspective of reality we can only perceive through the senses 10% of reality. Again of everything that exists in the universe we are only aware of 10% of this. Because our sensory perception i.e. what we can hear, see, feel, touch and smell is within a small scale of frequency waves.
There is literally 90% more going on in this cosmos then you are aware off. There are of course some people who are aware of much more of this 90% then the average person because they are attuned to other frequencies. Anyway relative to our habits from this lifetime and every other life time (YES Every other lifetime), there is a spot in our own character which is unique to us that determines where we point our spotlight of our own awareness. For example Pancho uses the analogy of us standing in a dark room and we have a spotlight and we point the spotlight in only one area of the room. This is our spotlight of awareness and the rest is what we are unaware off. Anyway we do anything we can to avoid our samskars(Traumas), which are too horrible to address but theses samskars are essential to address in order to create vibratory harmony. We need to be first aware of our traumas in order to transcend them and heal. When we do this we lead ourselves back onto the path leading to vibratory harmony.
Well its the spiritual body (aka the middle body), which is present at conception and this body chooses the exact life you have in this lifetime. YES You choose your entire reality (although mostly not Consciously) You Do IN fact choose your entire reality (Don’t worry I know this sucks for some and doesn’t make sense for most and I’m truly not trying to hurt anyone who has had horrific things happen to them. I would never ever want to do that and no-one has to ever believe anything I am saying if it doesn’t fit true with their own beliefs). This is purely my own truth and I have no interest in making it anyone else’s. Anyway, Before birth you choose your parents, your country, your place, your body, all of your lessons and everything else in your life. You choose the time of your birth exactly and then you are left with a blueprint of you. This is your Astrology chart at birth. Your soul knows what it needs in this lifetime to learn specific lessons, to correct karma and to evolve. Our souls purpose is to evolve. over and over again, life after life, lesson after lesson until eventually we go back to source or Pure consciousness.
This information is not at all new for many many people. I have been taught this over and over again by my teachers, by my own insights, when I dream and meditate and even from Life Coaches for businesses who are very “Normal”.
Anyway the part I wanted to focus on is the astrology part.
So your spiritual body chooses your time of birth which in turn creates an astrology map of YOU. Twins born at relatively the same time have an almost identical map with the exception of a few degrees, but the confusion here lies in the fact that many Western astrologers do not look at Evolutionary Astrology and Evolutionary astrology for me because of my Teacher (Beatrix Schilcher), is much more advanced because Twins can be on very different evolutionary stages. Meaning one twin is much more evolved then the other and therefore the way they use their energies is very different. For example within every single astrological sign there are light and shadow qualities. (There are in fact light and dark qualities in everything in the manifest universe because without this polarity we can’t actually have a manifest universe at all). We need friction to create. So for example a lesser evolved pisces would choose to escape reality more often in destructive ways like using drugs and alcohol because pisces in general finds being on a material plane more difficult then most other signs. However an evolved pisces will choose constructive ways to use their pisces energy, such as in spiritual understanding, hugely psychic measures and through artistic measures.
This is then the same for all of our planets in every sign. Meaning Astrology is a very complex system and has soo much insight into the psyche of an individual.
When we are aware of ourselves we start to shine the spotlight of our own awareness in many more places and we eventually start to move towards vibratory harmony.
Beatrix likes to explain it like this:
Your astrology chart is your own mandala, including the fingerprints of your soul.
A mandala itself is a sacred space.
Knowing about your own mandala is for me essential for yoga.