Evolutionary Astrology versus Psychic readings

I believe that just as the breathe has both an inhalation and exhalation phase, that in all life we equally have and need both aspects. The inhalation is the ‘yang’ part of the breathe. The inhalation is ‘active’ and here we relate this aspect of the breathe to ‘choice’. We get to choose the quality of energy that we allow to enter into our bodies. Just like we get to make choices in our lives. The balance is that as in all manifested life there is a polarity and we have a balance to maintain equilibrium. The exhalation aspect of the breathe is ‘yin’ and ‘passive’. Therefore the breathe has both. Just as we can make conscious choices in life we also are forced to surrender to the unconscious. The parts of our life that are mapped out for us that we choose before we even incarnate. This part we are consciously unaware of ( for most people), and therefore may not be willingly able to accept when challenges show up in our lives. These challenges are difficult for us to understand when they show up but nevertheless part of a bigger picture that can’t always be understood from a limited perspective.
Psychic readings for me are soo very real. With my Astrologer and yoga teacher she spends soo much time in meditation opening up to many dimensions and connections that being psychic is no longer a mystery to me.  However you still get choices. Psychic readings can help you with guidance but its not set in stone.
For me Astrology however is my love. Intuitive Astrology uses both aspects the psychic parts and the parts that are there on your birth chart in writing to be translated and interpreted. Astrology is very in depth and is not just a basic sun sign list of characteristics that you see at the newsagency on postcards or in the newspaper. In fact if you still see astrology like this you may want to find out more. Astrology readings in detail provide a blueprint or map of the individuals ‘psyche’. They help you understand yourself in a very detailed way. You will walk away not with a whole psychic list of possibilities for your future, but with a deeper level of understanding of why you act the way you do and how to be more compassionate and understanding of yourself and also how to work with your skills and trust yourself.


The Heart Chakra:

The heart is said to be the most advanced and evolved Chakra of all. But only after the journey of the above Chakras have been awakened. I can’t say I’m definite like some people are that I have had the most obvious opening of the above chakras or the most electrifying awakening that just spontaneously happened. But in my own feeling I definitely believe that to be on earth and to be experiencing being human in all of its entirety that it’s my feeling also that the heart must surely be where the soul and ego unite and rest together in a total understanding of unconditional love. For me it’s always been understanding from higher guides and from my dreams. In dreams I get messages where we all unite in unconditional love. It’s funny because soo many souls are exiting earth right now. Other souls as it would seem are entering from many places for the first time. Earth as many feel is going through quite the transition. For me I guess when I did my yoga teacher training 7 years ago, that I was so innocent and in a way immature about it all, but I wrote 7 years ago how I can’t focus on anatomy ( that’s just me) ps( I know anatomy is important) but for me all yoga was was about was love. I remember people writing “ so cute Shae if only it was that simple”. But I wrote it again 2 years after that. Again people either pressed like or put the smile emoji. This is a common response to me in my ways in my life In general. But again now 7 years later I really can’t see that it’s about anything else. I feel like there is a lot now. Lots of people feeling a connection to another star planet. Lots feeling the connection to sharmanic past. Lots connection through lots of different spiritual disciplines. I think it all only should ever lead to one truth. Learning that we are truly just “walking each other home” if we can do this in love we will surely learn where to go”. Surely we must learn that religion only gave us more division.

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