Evolutionary Astrology versus Psychic readings

I believe that just as the breathe has both an inhalation and exhalation phase, that in all life we equally have and need both aspects. The inhalation is the ‘yang’ part of the breathe. The inhalation is ‘active’ and here we relate this aspect of the breathe to ‘choice’. We get to choose the quality of energy that we allow to enter into our bodies. Just like we get to make choices in our lives. The balance is that as in all manifested life there is a polarity and we have a balance to maintain equilibrium. The exhalation aspect of the breathe is ‘yin’ and ‘passive’. Therefore the breathe has both. Just as we can make conscious choices in life we also are forced to surrender to the unconscious. The parts of our life that are mapped out for us that we choose before we even incarnate. This part we are consciously unaware of ( for most people), and therefore may not be willingly able to accept when challenges show up in our lives. These challenges are difficult for us to understand when they show up but nevertheless part of a bigger picture that can’t always be understood from a limited perspective.
Psychic readings for me are soo very real. With my Astrologer and yoga teacher she spends soo much time in meditation opening up to many dimensions and connections that being psychic is no longer a mystery to me.  However you still get choices. Psychic readings can help you with guidance but its not set in stone.
For me Astrology however is my love. Intuitive Astrology uses both aspects the psychic parts and the parts that are there on your birth chart in writing to be translated and interpreted. Astrology is very in depth and is not just a basic sun sign list of characteristics that you see at the newsagency on postcards or in the newspaper. In fact if you still see astrology like this you may want to find out more. Astrology readings in detail provide a blueprint or map of the individuals ‘psyche’. They help you understand yourself in a very detailed way. You will walk away not with a whole psychic list of possibilities for your future, but with a deeper level of understanding of why you act the way you do and how to be more compassionate and understanding of yourself and also how to work with your skills and trust yourself.


The Heart Chakra:

The heart is said to be the most advanced and evolved Chakra of all. But only after the journey of the above Chakras have been awakened. I can’t say I’m definite like some people are that I have had the most obvious opening of the above chakras or the most electrifying awakening that just spontaneously happened. But in my own feeling I definitely believe that to be on earth and to be experiencing being human in all of its entirety that it’s my feeling also that the heart must surely be where the soul and ego unite and rest together in a total understanding of unconditional love. For me it’s always been understanding from higher guides and from my dreams. In dreams I get messages where we all unite in unconditional love. It’s funny because soo many souls are exiting earth right now. Other souls as it would seem are entering from many places for the first time. Earth as many feel is going through quite the transition. For me I guess when I did my yoga teacher training 7 years ago, that I was so innocent and in a way immature about it all, but I wrote 7 years ago how I can’t focus on anatomy ( that’s just me) ps( I know anatomy is important) but for me all yoga was was about was love. I remember people writing “ so cute Shae if only it was that simple”. But I wrote it again 2 years after that. Again people either pressed like or put the smile emoji. This is a common response to me in my ways in my life In general. But again now 7 years later I really can’t see that it’s about anything else. I feel like there is a lot now. Lots of people feeling a connection to another star planet. Lots feeling the connection to sharmanic past. Lots connection through lots of different spiritual disciplines. I think it all only should ever lead to one truth. Learning that we are truly just “walking each other home” if we can do this in love we will surely learn where to go”. Surely we must learn that religion only gave us more division.

Why would someone order an astrology reading

Why would someone want an astrology reading?
Are you a searcher. A person who is always seeking truth, Something deeper in your life? A knowing that there is way more to this universe then meets the eye. Perhaps your already well on your way on this journey of Liberation, Yoga, and uncovering of the veil of illusion. Seeking the truth.
Astrology is soo powerful for answering soo many deep questions about the self. On the path of self discovery, there is nothing more valuable then an astrology reading (In my opinion). An astrology natal chart provides the blue print a map of the psyche of the individual.
Evolutionary astrology looks into the evolution of the soul.

Twins born at the same time in the same part of the world would have a natal chart that is almost identical to one another yet the twins themselves may be on very different stages of evolution. Both twins could have ‘Moon in Cancer’ and ‘Sun in Pisces’ and ‘Asc Leo’, for example however one twin may be a newer soul and therefore may display the characterises of their ‘Pisces Sun’ for example, on the shadow side of pisces, where as the other twin may be a very evolved soul, and already be out of the evolutionary stage of ‘consensus’, and therefore display their ‘Pisces Sun’ qualities in a much more evolved way, i.e. moving towards the light qualities of pisces (e.g seeking spiritual union). Astrology is the ultimate psychology of the self. As my brother said”Good astrologers are the ultimate psychologists”.
I noticed that people love psychic readings. How exciting to know your future. People don’t really know the value of an astrology reading. For many people astrology is something like the horoscopes you see in the paper. For example “If you are pisces watch out for gossip today etc’ or something totally useless like that. True astrology is priceless and can tell you your lessons, your karmic dept, about your emotions, your life purpose. About your health, your profession or area of service, your learning style, your ability to communicate, your blockages. Your areas of strength and weakness. About your relationships to others. and much much more.

Empathy Versus Compassion: Pisces realm

I have a friend in my life at the moment and we chat about philosophies. She is a councillor and psychologist she told me that there is evidence out there now to support that empathy is draining and being empathetic can leave you depleted, however compassion is one of the highest virtues.

I know this one in my experience to be true. As a pisces both of these virtues ‘Empathy and Compassion’ are very common ground to pisces. Pisces being ruled by Neptune is connected to the realm of the unconscious. It is very common for the greatest empaths to have high levels of pisces/Neptune energy.

For me personally my most predominant energies are Pisces, Aquarius, Libra and Virgo. With high pisces and aquarius energies my energy field was picked up many times for being (leaky) and very permeable.  Working in fields of energy healing and being emphatic can be very draining. This one I have felt many times.

In Empathy its common to leak out into another persons energy field. Your energy field can become very permeable as you literally feel what the person is going through and then act as if its happening to you too. This then feels like you are going into the realm together of victim and both becoming drained.  As my teacher explained to me when this happens and your energy field is not strong you listen to another persons story and it somewhat becomes yours. Soon it feels like they are standing in a pile of shit and you literally go and stand in the shit with them until you are both standing in a pile of shit, unable to get out.

Compassion comes when your understanding is strong. You know what the other person is going through and have compassion for them. But now you have learnt that merging into the shit together is of no help to anyone.  Now you have a greater  understanding of the universal energy and you understand that when your heart is open but you are centred (ego is centred in the ocean), and you have enough strength that now you can help to send in your hearts energy directly to theirs.

The heart is believed for most to be the most important chakra off all. Each of us have a generator of love within our own hearts that we can constantly refuel and send out to other people in need. This is compassion.










Virgo Mythology

Virgo: To be of selfless service.
Mythology using the story of the Temple priestesses:

My Yoga Teacher Beatrix Schilcher has taught me evolutionary astrology using mythology to identify the archetypes. Within the stories of mythology we see the lessons along with the traps and obstacles related to each sign.

For anyone with a lot of Virgo energy. Either their moon sign, Sun sign, or Nodes this one is for you.

The Virgo’s were sacred women who lived in the temples. These days they would be called prostitutes but in ancient days these women were very well regarded. Their job was to initiate men into the art of love in a spiritual way. They would do this because they had already worked on themselves and were already married to god and connected to the divine. So they could initiate men into the art of love. They were happy to do this work because they knew being married to the divine was of ultimate importance, however the priestesses were not allowed to fall in love or marry the men who came to the temple. If they did the men that ruled the temples would bury them alive. This was not right to them either and theirs is therefore a sacred wound and a feminine wound.

Virgo’s get the label of self critical and critical of everything. Nagging for perfection. This is true to the surface but ultimately they are searching for inner perfection back to divine love, wholeness and perfection. So whenever they find a flaw they put their finger in it to point out its fault, because they want wholeness.

Underneath the Virgo’s critical nature lies a very spiritual nature that even they are not usually consciously aware off.

Different Astrology Systems

Western Astrology versus Vedic Astrology: By Shae Fairleigh

I am in a fortunate position (not by accident), to answer this question as I have two brothers who have studied different astrology systems. One has completed his diploma in Feng Shui and therefore uses ‘Chinese astrology’. Whilst, the other brother is an Ayurvedic practitioner and uses ‘Vedic Astrology’. And our yoga teacher, (who is our mutual yoga teacher), is an amazing astrologer and is my mentor. She has a very eastern heart and her passion lies in eastern philosophy however she uses western astrology as her preferred astrology system because she combines Eastern philosophy (or yogic philosophy), with the Western Astrology Framework for ‘Evolutionary Astrology’. This is what I do also. This is also now what my younger Brother does anyway.

I can answer this with quite a lot of confidence that all systems have their strengths but what matters more then the system is the actual astrologer who is giving you a reading. This is simply because as my teacher says “There is soo much crap out there on astrology and even more then that, if you get an astrology reading done on an automated website it will throw out a bunch of meaningless data which can really be so contradictory as well as useless without an astrologer interpreting it”. The astrologer needs to be very intuitive as well as knowledgeable.

Western astrology is so complex. All of the planets aspect each other and they all go together to create a story. In addition to that there are different stages of evolution of the soul of the person getting the actual reading. Therefore, twins with the same chart can be on very different stages of evolution. If you get a generated reading without a good astrologer to interpret it you would be left with isolated information such as: something like “your moon is in aquarius meaning you can be emotionally disconnected, and your sun and venus is in Scorpio therefore you are an intense lover”. etc etc very confusing. Also again without a good astrologer you will not know your lessons on evolutionary terms as every sign has a light and shadow side.

What I do know is the reason my teacher prefers western astrology is because she believes that as our consciousness expands more planets are continuously being discovered, and this is no accident. We start to realise that our previously limited belief systems,  which revolutionary scientist like ‘Einstein’, knew to be crap all along, and which for many people still exist.  Many people still believe that  ‘if they can’t see something, then it doesn’t exist’. This is however, a very outdated believe system as humans can only see probably less then 10 percent of what actually does exist, and even then its based on how we perceive and rationalise this. I would then say that I use western astrology and intuition to read a persons chart. As we realise our previously limited belief system is just that (very limited). And as we raise our consciousness more and more, then more and more planets and asteroids are continuously discovered. Western astrology because of its circular formation continuously updates and includes these new planets and in my teachers opinion, this system for this reason is more sophisticated and necessary.

However I have had an amazing Chinese astrology reading from my brother because his Fung Shui teacher is amazing and his Chinese astrology teacher is a very good western astrologer. My brother is very intuitive and he picked a teacher rather then a system that he believed in.

My other brother loves Vedic astrology to compliment his work as an Ayurvedic practitioner as he believes this system works very well as a diagnostic tool to complement his work in detecting the person’s health, weaknesses and strengths. But he also know studies ‘Evolutionary Astrology’.

David Frawley’s words about Astrology

I Love this quote from David Frawley:

Today we even refuse to regard astrology as a science because it sees the spirit in things, not just the form. Yet if the universe has a dimension of consciousness, as many physicist have come to suspect, then science must recognise the spirit. Then astrology must be acknowledged as one of the the legitimate sciences of consciousness and without consciousness, how can we really speak of science or truth anyway?

-David Frawley.