Different Astrology Systems

Western Astrology versus Vedic Astrology: By Shae Fairleigh

I am in a fortunate position (not by accident), to answer this question as I have two brothers who have studied different astrology systems. One has completed his diploma in Feng Shui and therefore uses ‘Chinese astrology’. Whilst, the other brother is an Ayurvedic practitioner and uses ‘Vedic Astrology’. And our yoga teacher, (who is our mutual yoga teacher), is an amazing astrologer and is my mentor. She has a very eastern heart and her passion lies in eastern philosophy however she uses western astrology as her preferred astrology system because she combines Eastern philosophy (or yogic philosophy), with the Western Astrology Framework for ‘Evolutionary Astrology’. This is what I do also. This is also now what my younger Brother does anyway.

I can answer this with quite a lot of confidence that all systems have their strengths but what matters more then the system is the actual astrologer who is giving you a reading. This is simply because as my teacher says “There is soo much crap out there on astrology and even more then that, if you get an astrology reading done on an automated website it will throw out a bunch of meaningless data which can really be so contradictory as well as useless without an astrologer interpreting it”. The astrologer needs to be very intuitive as well as knowledgeable.

Western astrology is so complex. All of the planets aspect each other and they all go together to create a story. In addition to that there are different stages of evolution of the soul of the person getting the actual reading. Therefore, twins with the same chart can be on very different stages of evolution. If you get a generated reading without a good astrologer to interpret it you would be left with isolated information such as: something like “your moon is in aquarius meaning you can be emotionally disconnected, and your sun and venus is in Scorpio therefore you are an intense lover”. etc etc very confusing. Also again without a good astrologer you will not know your lessons on evolutionary terms as every sign has a light and shadow side.

What I do know is the reason my teacher prefers western astrology is because she believes that as our consciousness expands more planets are continuously being discovered, and this is no accident. We start to realise that our previously limited belief systems,  which revolutionary scientist like ‘Einstein’, knew to be crap all along, and which for many people still exist.  Many people still believe that  ‘if they can’t see something, then it doesn’t exist’. This is however, a very outdated believe system as humans can only see probably less then 10 percent of what actually does exist, and even then its based on how we perceive and rationalise this. I would then say that I use western astrology and intuition to read a persons chart. As we realise our previously limited belief system is just that (very limited). And as we raise our consciousness more and more, then more and more planets and asteroids are continuously discovered. Western astrology because of its circular formation continuously updates and includes these new planets and in my teachers opinion, this system for this reason is more sophisticated and necessary.

However I have had an amazing Chinese astrology reading from my brother because his Fung Shui teacher is amazing and his Chinese astrology teacher is a very good western astrologer. My brother is very intuitive and he picked a teacher rather then a system that he believed in.

My other brother loves Vedic astrology to compliment his work as an Ayurvedic practitioner as he believes this system works very well as a diagnostic tool to complement his work in detecting the person’s health, weaknesses and strengths. But he also know studies ‘Evolutionary Astrology’.

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