Astrology Readings:
Are you a searcher? Have you always known that there is way more to this whole process then what meets the eye?
Astrology is a very complex thing to study. It requires and artist who is really born to be an astrologer.
I have had an interest in Astrology for as long as I cam remember. Astrology books were the only ones I would read in book shops growing up. I have completed courses in astrology and am currently still studying and always will be. But my dearest Astrology teacher is also my yoga teacher and very dear friend ‘Beatrix Schilcher’. She has taught me the art form of astrology from the perspective of an Evolutionary astrologer. We use Western Astrology as the base but Evolutionary Astrology is much deeper again.
Astrology readings help you to understand your life path and past life energies. Which can be extremely useful in understanding some deeper aspects of your own personality. They are very useful for adults wanting to connect more the their life purpose and find out more about themselves on the path of self discovery.

These readings are also very beneficial for children, giving parents a much clearer understanding of how their child learns, socialises, and how to better understand their child on a much deeper emotional level.

My Evolutionary astrology readings are $90. I will print off your chart and then interpret and record your whole astrology chart for you in a keep sake voice recording, which goes for 1hr.

The three types of astrology readings that you can order from me are:

Birth chart readings. (Note I highly recommend to get this done first before a transit or even a composite reading).(Yes this is your birth blue print and never changes throughout your life). There are transits and secondary progressions and as you evolve and learn life lessons the lessons change, but your blue print does not. You will learn a lot about yourself from these readings.

Composite/ Synastry readings:
These readings are based on your birth chart and another person’s birth chart. Ie. Your partner or children. The synastry looks at both of your chart’s energy side by side, where as the composite is a combined chart which creates an entirely seperate combined energy.  Yes in a relationship there is both.

Transit readings: These readings are based on the transiting planets and how they relate to your own birth chart reading. They are helpful to find out what is happening for you in the present time and for the year ahead.

Reiki Healing

This is a great and gentle way to heal past or present trauma or even just to restore when energy is feeling low.  It is also powerful when problems have manifested physically, helping heal injuries along with physical and emotional tension.

Ancient energy healing techniques are applied to move and unblock stagnant energy. Deep healing can take place with special emphasis on the chakra energy systems.

I use two different techniques:

    1. Reiki is through hands on the physical body
    2. Pranic is working on the energy field through to the physical effects

Cost $70 for 1hr healing. Currently only offering face to face healings.