‘Shae is a beautiful soul with a wonderful ability to read and translate astrology charts in a way that’s both engaging and also easy to understand. The effortlessness in making sense of my chart and the wonderful delivery of the message on audio USB was life changing and one of the most profound steps in my spiritual journey.
Shae helped me to understand myself, and my spirit, in way I haven’t been able to do before. She accurately described the key characteristics of my personality, what influences my behaviour and motivation and why, and most importantly highlighted a transitional period in my life I was actually already beginning to go through – just as my chart had indicated. I have listened to my reading many times now and have applied this knowledge actively in my day to day life. I highly recommend (and actively do so to others!) an astrology reading with Shae…it is one of the greatest gifts I’ve given myself, and I can say that with complete honesty.
Kasia Ringrose

Im 39 and after some dramatic life changes, I have started to focus on spiritual and energy aspects to try to enhance my quality of life and connections with people, nature and the universe. I am just starting to learn astrology and decided to ask Shae for a reading. I was a little blown away by how amazing it was and the connection Shae has with universal energies and evolutionary philosophies. I really appreciated the way that Shae explained how evolutionary philosophy works rather than diving in to a mundane reading of the “stars” as some others do. Shae’s reading helped me to learn more about myself and the positive influences in my life, and areas I can focus on and grow. I cant wait to listen to it again!
Thanks Shae! Hopefully I can touch base with you again in 12 months!
Sally Franco.

Rikki Anne on her Composite (couple’s reading).There has been a massive shift in my relationship with my partner since the work Shae did on our composite chart. With a deepened understanding of where our souls came from and what they desire to create together in this lifetime we both seemed to have relaxed into the knowing that we might have felt before but now somehow more embodied. Thank you Shae for your compassionate and articulate reading – your wisdom and insight is incredibly valuable and I will keep recommending your service to everyone. Rikki Anne 

I absolutely loved hearing your recording of my own astrology chart and am getting a lot out of it. I feel it’s going to take a while to unpack, so I’ll revisit this reading from time to time. The whole Cancer South node thing really makes sense – I’ve always been drawn to water and it’s a therapy for me to be in it – swimming, taking baths, ocean swims. I thought being a Taurus Sun that I was such an earth creature and wondered what my connection to water was. It really makes sense. The capricorn aspect also speaks to me – so much of a sense of order and responsibility and needing to do everything with strong foundations.
Also hearing your reading for my wonderful sister Michele was just so powerful, I found it very deep and intuitive, and so healing.
Overall your readings helped me to see the connection in our charts and to validate what I really knew.
The composite Scorpio connection really makes sense – I felt her stuff and she knew my stuff too. I didn’t really want to hide from her because she was accepting and kind and her open vulnerability was so engaging and made me feel quite safe to be me.
Treena Francis

I have just had my first astrology chart reading with Shae. I was really excited because I had been hearing how great her readings were and I wasn’t disappointed.
The insight Shae shared was soo accurate and reassuring. It confirmed many things but also served as a reminder to connect to spirit more then intellect.
Even in the one week since receiving my reading i feel lighter and more clear about those things that bring me happiness.
I didn’t realise that there was so much to be learnt from the different nodes so i loved hearing about that. it made me think about how complex our souls are and how each of us has a unique Astro chart and such intricate reasons for our being. It really makes the concept of unconditional love seem so much closer to grasp knowing that. Like if we could understand ourselves then it is so natural to understand others.
I really enjoyed my reading with Shae. Thank you
Aimee Moffitt.

Shae recently done a birth chart reading on my baby girl and it was amazing. The way Shae translates everything made it easy to understand. I loved how it was done for me on Audio, that way I can listen to it anywhere and keep going back to it for years to come. The reading will help me to understand by baby Lola on a deeper level and will help me to guide her on her path as she grows. Shae’s passion, dedication and knowledge is like no other. She is truly gifted at what she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Shae I will be forever grateful It was such a beautiful reading and extremely special. Much Love
Garilee O’Daniel

This was my first astrological chart reading> When Shae explained my chart to me it made so much sense and was extremely accurate. It helped me to take a breath on my life and do some re-organising and now I feel that I am moving forward again in my life. Thank you Shae.
Belinda Meeks


Shae, you have a very special talent for taking esoteric knowledge and making it super understandable.

Daniel Wilson