Virgo Mythology

Virgo: To be of selfless service.
Mythology using the story of the Temple priestesses:

My Yoga Teacher Beatrix Schilcher has taught me evolutionary astrology using mythology to identify the archetypes. Within the stories of mythology we see the lessons along with the traps and obstacles related to each sign.

For anyone with a lot of Virgo energy. Either their moon sign, Sun sign, or Nodes this one is for you.

The Virgo’s were sacred women who lived in the temples. These days they would be called prostitutes but in ancient days these women were very well regarded. Their job was to initiate men into the art of love in a spiritual way. They would do this because they had already worked on themselves and were already married to god and connected to the divine. So they could initiate men into the art of love. They were happy to do this work because they knew being married to the divine was of ultimate importance, however the priestesses were not allowed to fall in love or marry the men who came to the temple. If they did the men that ruled the temples would bury them alive. This was not right to them either and theirs is therefore a sacred wound and a feminine wound.

Virgo’s get the label of self critical and critical of everything. Nagging for perfection. This is true to the surface but ultimately they are searching for inner perfection back to divine love, wholeness and perfection. So whenever they find a flaw they put their finger in it to point out its fault, because they want wholeness.

Underneath the Virgo’s critical nature lies a very spiritual nature that even they are not usually consciously aware off.

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