Why would someone order an astrology reading

Why would someone want an astrology reading?
Are you a searcher. A person who is always seeking truth, Something deeper in your life? A knowing that there is way more to this universe then meets the eye. Perhaps your already well on your way on this journey of Liberation, Yoga, and uncovering of the veil of illusion. Seeking the truth.
Astrology is soo powerful for answering soo many deep questions about the self. On the path of self discovery, there is nothing more valuable then an astrology reading (In my opinion). An astrology natal chart provides the blue print a map of the psyche of the individual.
Evolutionary astrology looks into the evolution of the soul.

Twins born at the same time in the same part of the world would have a natal chart that is almost identical to one another yet the twins themselves may be on very different stages of evolution. Both twins could have ‘Moon in Cancer’ and ‘Sun in Pisces’ and ‘Asc Leo’, for example however one twin may be a newer soul and therefore may display the characterises of their ‘Pisces Sun’ for example, on the shadow side of pisces, where as the other twin may be a very evolved soul, and already be out of the evolutionary stage of ‘consensus’, and therefore display their ‘Pisces Sun’ qualities in a much more evolved way, i.e. moving towards the light qualities of pisces (e.g seeking spiritual union). Astrology is the ultimate psychology of the self. As my brother said”Good astrologers are the ultimate psychologists”.
I noticed that people love psychic readings. How exciting to know your future. People don’t really know the value of an astrology reading. For many people astrology is something like the horoscopes you see in the paper. For example “If you are pisces watch out for gossip today etc’ or something totally useless like that. True astrology is priceless and can tell you your lessons, your karmic dept, about your emotions, your life purpose. About your health, your profession or area of service, your learning style, your ability to communicate, your blockages. Your areas of strength and weakness. About your relationships to others. and much much more.

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